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New Health and Safety Courses at Phoenix!

We have been looking to expand our Health and Safety offerings here at Phoenix, and we are excited to announce our latest course, The 3 C’s of Health & Safety: Culture, Communication and Commitment, which will take a look at Health and Safety from a new perspective, combining aspects of HR & HS with a view to engaging the whole workforce to develop a positive safety culture.

This course can be delivered as a brief one day overview or as a two-day in depth course complete with follow up sessions. If you think that this course may be of interest, please see a summary of the topics covered below:

Course Structure

Module 1 – What is Health & Safety?

  1. Introduction to H&S
  2. Common terms used in Health and Safety
  3. Moral, legal, and financial overview

Module 2 – Roles &  Responsibilities

  1. Defining Roles & Responsibilities
  2. Benefits to establishing Roles & Responsibilities
  3. Leadership
  4. Q&A session

Module 3 – Culture, Communication and Commitment

  1. Introduction to Culture, Communication and Commitment
  2. Culture
  3. What is a Safety Culture?
  4. What is a Safety Climate?
  5. Blame Culture
  6. Human Failure
  7. Pros/cons of good H&S systems,
  8. Plan, Do, Check, Act
  9. Communication
  10. Different types of communication
  11. Engaging with the workforce
  12. Scenarios
  13. Q&A session

Module 4  Commitment

  1. Staff training
  2. Directors Safety Charter
  3. Scenario
  4. Quiz

Follow up:

Suggested there are two follow up half days, one at 1 month and 1 at 3-month interval. 1:1 tuition and guidance would also be offered as an option.

For more information, please do give Karen a call on 01535 681167

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