Management Courses

Level 2 ILM Award in Leadership & Team Skills

Making the transition into a team leading or supervisory role requires the use and development of   a different set of skills.  Effective leadership and motivation of teams is the key to success in all organisations and team leaders need to ensure that their approach is right to get the most from their staff.  This entry level qualification provides participants with an awareness of the skills and knowledge to build confidence as a team leader/supervisor.

Level 2 ILM Certificate in Leadership & Team Skills

Level 3 ILM Award in Leadership & Management

This course is ideal for staff making their first transition into a management role and provides an insight into some of the required skills such as managing budgets, allocating work to team members/contractors, achieving specific results and some degree of decision making.

Level 5 ILM Certificate in Leadership & Management

Making the transition into a role which involves managing people through other managers, supervisors and team leaders in a larger organisation can be very different from other roles and may require you to become less involved in the detail of all activities.  In this practically based programme we will give you an insight into some of the skills that you will need to use and develop.

Practical Leadership

This one day course is aimed at Managers who wish to gain some further skills and knowledge to help them get the most out of their team.

The 3 Misses of Communication:

Learn how to be an effective communicator for yourself and others.

“Hatch, Match & Dispatch”

Foundations in people management  –  recruitment, employee engagement and employees leaving

“From Lord Sugar to Jeremy Kyle”

Successfully handling not strangling difficult people – guidelines to informal and formal legal practices to keep you on track with employment law.

“Ann Robinson Approach to Performance Development”

Tackling motivation, attitudes, values, goals by enhancing performance through employee engagement.

“Homer Simpson tackles Work Life Balance!”

How to handle stress in the workplace and handling this using the HSE competency framework.

“Essential” Range of Soft Skills Courses

Courses available:

  1. Anger / Anger Management / Aggression
  2. Appraisal Skills
  3. Assertiveness Skills
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Customer Service Skills
  6. Delegation
  7. Effective Meetings
  8. Interview Skills / cv analysis
  9. Managing Change
  10. Managing Conflict
  11. Managing Stress in the Workplace
  12. Presentation Skills
  13. Telephone Techniques
  14. Time Management

These courses can be offered on a half day or a full day basis :

£65 + vat / half day / delegate

£115 + vat / full day / delegate

Additional courses:

  1. How to Avoid “Death by PowerPoint”
  2. Business Letter Writing & Email
  3. Grievance and Disciplinary
  4. Managing Absence and Long Term Sick
  5. Management Skills
  6. Motivating to Improve Performance
  7. Report Writing
  8. Supervisory Skills
  9. Team Leading Skills

The above courses can vary in complexity and duration – please contact Karen to discuss specific requirements and pricing structures.